Aircall and Kustomer

Aircall and Kustomer team up to bring support data to your phone calls

Lola BarbierLast updated on January 2, 2024
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We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Kustomer, whose intelligent support CRM now integrates flawlessly with Aircall’s phone system.

Kustomer aims to transform the way businesses serve their customers by providing a CRM which streamlines support operations and increases support teams’ productivity. Their software centralizes customer interactions over multiple channels, and empowers support representatives to dispense a highly personalized customer experience.

Now, Aircall and Kustomer have joined forces to benefit support teams everywhere!

How do Aircall and Kustomer work together?

When you receive or place a call through Aircall, you’ll be able to follow the status of the call as it unfolds, all directly within Kustomer’s timeline. Simply follow the link in Aircall’s dialler to open the caller’s profile in Kustomer. Then begin tracking the evolution of a call.

Here’s what happens during a call:

  • As soon as you pick up, Kustomer will display past interactions with the caller in question. This way, your team is never caught unawares. This includes previous phone conversations, but also text, email, live chat, and more!

  • You’ll be able to annotate and tag every call in real-time, thereby easily collecting valuable customer information. At the end of a conversation, you’ll find the call details (such as date, duration, and comments) as well as a complete call recording.

  • Kustomer will keep a trace of every activity. You’ll be aware of inbound and outbound calls, but also missed calls and voicemails thanks to a convenient message.

This information is conserved in order to analyse your support performance and make data-driven decisions concerning the continuous improvement of your team’s performance.

The value of integrating Aircall and Kustomer

Aircall and Kustomer both strive to empower support teams to satisfy their customers, and make it look (and feel) easy!

Through the Aircall and Kustomer integration, your team can secure:

  1. Increased productivity. Managing calls directly from within the Kustomer interface lets your team shave valuable seconds off their daily tasks. Those seconds add up to a more efficient and productive team!

  2. An exceptional customer experience. Kustomer centralizes support operations and places them within the proper context in order to permit your team to always provide a personalized, efficient, and memorable customer experience.

  3. Actionable analytics. Aircall and Kustomer both help support teams leverage their recorded performance metrics into a marked increase in productivity and customer satisfaction.

Find out more about the Aircall and Kustomer integration here, and if you need assistance, take a look at our FAQ or hit up our support team at

Published on July 5, 2017.

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