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How Aircall + Pipedrive Help Sales Teams Win Deals

Daniel WeissLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Ready to build better conversations?

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Aircall is the complete business phone system of the future. When used by itself, it’s a powerful communication tool with a complete set of features, vital to every sales operation. This efficiency increases exponentially when Aircall is seamlessly integrated with your Pipedrive CRM.

Built in partnership with Pipedrive’s development team, this airtight integration:

  • Helps sales professionals have timely and informed conversations

  • Keeps teams productive by eliminating busywork

  • Automatically organizes relevant information according to the type of call

Provided you’re already a Pipedrive CRM user, the Aircall integration can be set up almost instantly.

Syncing Aircall and Pipedrive

Aircall is designed with UX in our DNA. When we say integrating your Aircall phone system with Pipedrive is easy, we truly mean it.

A fully functioning integration takes only 4 clicks — and less than a minute — to be up-and-running.

Inside your Aircall admin dashboard, go to the “integration” section and find Pipedrive. Click “install,” then select the lines you want to connect.

And that’s it. Seriously.

With an intuitive and informative sales CRM integration, you’ll be able to track every lead through the funnel with precision. Sales is about timing and knowledge. This added power provides your agents with relevant information when that zero-moment arrives.

pipedrive phone integration

How Relevancy Helps Win Deals

When working within Pipedrive, the Aircall app automatically delivers caller information to your sales reps before ever answering an inbound call. Details like the caller’s name and company are readily available, and an in-app link lets agents dive even deeper into customer relationships.

With a single click, all previous interactions, notes, other agents’ interactions are displayed in front of you. In a sense, knowing the past is key to moving the deal forward!

pipedrive phone integration

However, these pivotal insights are only relevant if the on-call agent continues the note taking process. All comments and data points collected in Aircall’s “notes” section will automatically sync to the correct Pipedrive profile in real time. This includes notes taken on the mobile app, so your sales reps can take calls from anywhere, keeping the whole team informed.

Cut the Busywork

Tedious tasks ruin the kind of focus that lets your agents breeze through contact lists and form meaningful relationships with leads. With Aircall, your sales team can leave data entry to more-capable minds. And by that, we mean computers.

pipedrive phone integration

By automatically logging details such as call type, phone number, wait time, lead assignment, and a link to the complete call recording, sales reps can rest easy knowing they haven’t forgotten small (but important) details. Additionally, all calls made via Aircall will automatically appear in Pipedrive’s “activity” section. This information can then be examined using Pipedrive’s analytics features.

Plus, sales reps trying to make quota need all the productivity-boosting features possible. With the Aircall chrome extension enabled, all phone numbers in Pipedrive — and other open browser windows — are click-to-dial ready. In a single action, your agents will be on the call, armed with all the knowledge they need to win deals.

However, when agents are making a high volume of calls, it’s easy to forget those missed connections. The callback request feature means your agents will get an automatic reminder to follow up with these prospects. No good lead should fall through the cracks.

Keeping a Clean CRM

Aircall is an all-around business phone system. To keep your CRM (and spirit) uncluttered, there are a few points you should consider.

For one, if multiple teams are using Aircall, we recommend importing only the numbers affiliated with your sales process. We all love data, but the scrubbing process is a bummer and should be avoided if possible.

Depending on the number of inbound calls your sales team receives, you can toggle your settings to create a new ticket when receiving calls from unknown numbers. The plus side is your sales team won’t miss out on any potential new leads. The downside is they may end up wasting time returning calls to unattended lines, or the occasional politically inclined robot.

Also, you may choose not to create new tickets for incoming calls outside of standard business hours. If your team only sells in particular geographic region, it’s unlikely that tickets created after midnight will result in any qualified leads. On the other hand, reps with a global customer base should adjust their Pipedrive settings to go ahead and create these tickets. It’s 11:00 AM somewhere, right?

pipedrive phone integration

We’ve been working closely with Pipedrive to develop the most intuitive, helpful integration possible. And while we’re proud of how much we’ve achieved so far, we look forward to future iterations and more deals-won for our customers!

Published on September 10, 2018.

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