Aircall Home Club Customer Story

How Aircall + Front Helped Home Club Win True Customer Trust

Greg SmoragiewiczLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Technology has made it easier than ever to list or book a homestay experience. But these more intimate accommodations also require more trust than a traditional hotel transaction.

Homeowners must trust that the time and money they personally invest in preparing their property will be rewarded with a safe and reliable revenue stream. Tenants must trust that their desire for a more authentic local experience won’t come at the cost of modern amenities and conveniences.

Home Club, the rentals brand under the premium home consultancy agency, Home Select, was born from the idea that both sides deserve one expert they can trust to deliver timely solutions.

Are you an owner wondering which design touches and marketing strategies will win you more bookings? Home Club has the answers.

Are you a traveler curious about the best places to eat after midnight in Madrid? Home Club’s concierge desk is awaiting your call.

“Our main goal is to provide an extraordinary experience for our clients from start to finish, building relationships that last far beyond checkout day,” explained Julie Balouka, Chief Commercial Officer at Home Club.

Matching Tools to Intentions

While Home Club has always had the philosophy to deliver exceptional service, finding the technology to match it wasn’t always easy. Not long ago, customer emails were still getting stuck in individual inboxes and all calls were being routed through a single receptionist.

As the business grew, the impact on customers became impossible to ignore: Too much time waiting for responses and too much time repeating information.

For a company competing on the promise of a more personalized experience than larger travel booking sites, these inefficiencies were even more concerning.

“We like to make the most out of every minute we have, but when we had to forward emails and look for calls in switchboards, our focus was being pulled in the wrong directions,” said Francisco Juliusberger, Service Manager at Home Club. “We were struggling to see the big picture of any client situation.”

Many Colleagues, One Conversation

Today, things look dramatically different from an employee’s perspective. Home Club now uses Front as a shared inbox that keeps customer inquiries visible across teams and departments. This more collaborative approach has helped the company consistently satisfy its goal of responding to all messages within 24 hours.

But it’s not just about speed. The clear trail of customer interactions gives staff more of the context they need to provide personalized solutions. A maintenance specialist, for example, can easily pick up where a receptionist left off, keeping a conversation moving forward without forcing the customer to repeat their request.

Aircall + Front integration

“With Front, we no longer need to look through email threads or ask each other for client information,” Francisco added. “We can see all of the customer’s previous communication right in front of us, helping us to decide on the proper response.”

Sounds Good to Me

A similar transformation has taken place across Home Club’s phone lines. Aircall has helped the company make voice communication as collaborative as email by installing team-based call routing patterns that take the pressure off receptionists.

This simple switch is a big part of the reason why missed call rates have decreased by more than 20 percentage points. But once again, faster responses are only part of the equation.

Since Aircall integrates with Front, and simplifies in-call notetaking, a wealth of valuable customer information stays attached to conversations as they move between colleagues and channels.

_“_We place a lot of importance on providing a personalized service for each guest, and Aircall really helps us to achieve this,” noted Lauren Moore, Manager of Daily Rentals at Home Club. “By registering each caller in Aircall, we can greet them directly and pick up where our previous conversation left off, showing each guest how meaningful they are to us.”

Whether it’s owners or tenants, sales or service, email or phone, it’s clear Home Club is committed to surrounding its customers with uncommonly customized support.

Published on October 10, 2018.

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