The Sales Persuasion Playbook: 5 Steps to Successful Calls

A confident sales rep is a persuasive one. In this guide, HubSpot and Aircall have teamed up to show your sales team how to convert prospects to customers.

5 Steps to Successful Calls

Sales reps need more than a quality product to close deals and meet quota — they need a workflow that promotes targeted conversations and persuasive pitches. The Sales Persuasion Playbook is written in partnership with HubSpot to help sales reps have more informed, more personal, and more effective calls with prospects.

This guide contains insightful advice on:

-Identifying a prospect’s pain points -Researching companies and individuals for informed conversations -Disarming cognitive biases that lead to stalled deals -Handling common objections -Building relationships through active listening

Additionally, we’ve included “cheat sheets” to identify buyer personas, useful sales enablement materials, and storytelling tips.

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