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Aircall is a HubSpot Premier Partner: Here’s why that’s good for you…

Daniel WeissLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Aircall has climbed the ranks of HubSpot integrated software and is now a Premier Partner. This is great news for…

  • Aircall

  • Aircall Users

  • HubSpot Users

  • Everyone Everywhere

In all seriousness though, here’s what this important milestone represents:

1. Aircall has been installed over 500 times via the HubSpot Connect Marketplace

Before ever picking up a call, Aircall’s well-integrated phone software gives HubSpot users unparalleled access to customer information. Furthermore, all data collected when speaking with a prospect or client is automatically logged to the correct contact along with a full call recording.

This complete customer perspective is what the inbound process thrives on.

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2. Aircall has proven its versatility

The fact that Aircall has been so widely adopted by HubSpot users shows that teams are trusting Aircall as their all-around business phone. The intuitive design and easy customizations make Aircall a great choice for both sales and customer support operations.

3.  It makes Aircall the No. 1 HubSpot phone integration

This is a great honor and comes as the result of a customer-first mentality. Aircall’s intuitive and versatile admin dashboard makes it an enticing choice for growing small and mid-size businesses. Even when using the mobile application, call data updates in HubSpot, so sales and support teams don’t need to fear missing out on any critical moments.

4. It’s a reason to build a stronger relationship with HubSpot

Aircall has already proven its commitment to the inbound methodology and HubSpot’s community, so why stop now?

In other words, these 500+ installations are proof that HubSpot users want a seamlessly integrated phone solution to use within their center for customer intelligence. As the user-base expands, we’ll continue to develop our product and integration in a way that compliments the inbound methodology.

5. More insider tips and tricks

Aircall’s internal onboarding and support teams are always standing by to help customers get the most out of their phone systems. However, more HubSpot use cases creates a community of like-minded marketers, salespeople, and support professionals ready to provide feedback and tips to each other.

So while this is a great milestone for the Aircall + HubSpot partnership, it’s only the beginning. HubSpot is a dynamic and enterprising software, and we’re excited to continue developing the Aircall product in tandem with it.

Published on July 6, 2018.

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