Connect Aircall and TeamGram to automate logging your call activity in your CRM. Quickly access relevant customer information from TeamGram when you're on a call.

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Automatically capture your Aircall call activity in Teamgram's call history, and never miss tracking a voice conversation in your CRM. With this integration, teams eliminate the need for manual data entry after phone calls. Plus, with the right information from TeamGram at their fingertips, reps can have more informed conversations with customers right away.

View caller details at a glance

See caller details from TeamGram on the screen as soon as the phone rings to tailor your conversations. Quickly access information about the person who called you, access previous call logs, sales notes, and more. There's no need to spend time manually searching for the right record in TeamGram.

Log calls automatically

Call logs are saved and published on the TeamGram news feed with automatically generated tags. Log key details about the call, including date, time, whether it was inbound or outbound, and the name of the Aircall line that was used. Any call comments captured in Aircall are also logged as Notes.


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