AI & TranscriptionFor Sales teams

Get visibility into every call with a prospect or customer to coach your sales team.

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Review call and meeting recordings.
Review call and meeting recordings.
Transcribe & create an X-Ray Vision of calls in real time.
Access in-depth analytics into meetings, talk tracks, behaviors
AI surfaces coachable moments, critical deals, and actionable insights.

The + Aircall integration is the easiest, simplest way to get visibility into every call or meeting with a prospect or customer and build a collaborative, always learning, coaching culture across the sales team.

Features and Benefits

Find coachable moments - Identify Aircall calls worth listening to

Share recordings - Share with any team member, manager, or Account Executive, whether or not they are Aircall users

Build playlists of great calls - Quickly ramp up new hires using your team’s existing tribal knowledge

Identify top performers - Figure out how your best sales people are booking meetings

Improve conversion rates - Identify key moments on SDR/BDR calls such as scheduling or next steps, discussing budget, identifying pain or need, etc.

Provide coaching on important call metrics - Coach your team on metrics such as talk-to-listen ratio, number or questions asked, monologue length, and more


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