SurveysFor Support teams

Send satisfaction surveys by SMS after a call and monitor your team’s performance. Automatically collect feedback from your customers to continuously improve the quality of your service.

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Integrate Aircall with Diduenjoy to send satisfaction surveys by SMS automatically after a call. See an aggregate of the answers on Diduenjoy to keep track of your team's performance.

Trigger surveys after a call

With Aircall and Diduenjoy you can easily trigger an SMS survey after a call. Once you’ve created the survey on Diduenjoy, you can configure the trigger. Choose the most relevant trigger conditions according to type of contact (minimum/maximum length of the call, incoming/outgoing call, type of tags, delay time, etc.).

Get custom reports on agent performance

The Diduenjoy survey is sent out automatically by SMS according to the defined send rules. When the customer clicks on the survey link, he or she is redirected to a page containing the questions.

Access the survey responses associated with your Aircall data on Diduenjoy. The statistical tools let you monitor the performance of each of your customer assistants in real time.


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