Aircall Integrates Easily with Salesforce to deliver Business Impact

Aircall, a modern cloud phone solution, integrates by Single-Click setups with Salesforce and 100+ Integrations.

Automate and reduce admin work, get better insights into your customers, increase your sales with Aircall today.

Aircall Integrates Easily with Salesforce to deliver Business Impact

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Why our customers choose us for Salesforce integration

Easy Setup in Minutes

Easy Setup in Minutes

Aircall's free CTI Integration with Salesforce takes less than 2 minutes to get up and running. And just a few clicks.

Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer

Our VoIP integration with Salesforce gives your agents easy access to Contact history & Salesforce Customer insights even before they answer their next call.

Eliminate Manual Tasks

Eliminate Manual Tasks

Take notes and tag calls directly within Aircall—all caller information will log automatically in the proper Salesforce fields.

Easy Call Reporting

Easy Call Reporting

Our integration with Salesforce allows you to easily generate Salesforce reports from Aircall. We also have an easy to use analytics dashboard for overall call insights.

Local Support - Committed to your Business

Aircall, is simple and intuitive to setup and use. But also with 24/5 support agents in NA, EMEA and APAC, you are covered with the help you need when you need it.

  • Easy Setup In a Few Minutes and Single Click Integrations

  • 100+ Integrations with CRM, Helpdesk tools and one of the best with Salesforce

  • Great Call Quality & Reliability with Consistent 99.95% Uptime

Local Support - Committed to your Business

Ready to Save Time and Level Up your Customer Satisfaction? Aircall + Salesforce.


"It's handy to have the calls in Salesforce to analyze the service and be able to integrate the data into dashboards. Calls are automatically logged, making it easy to track activity with a specific team or brand. "

4.9 - AppExchange


"Aircall's live and post-call tagging, note-taking, and call assignment features are the best out there. I will never go back to losing sticky notes for my calls. It even integrates with our CRM and helpdesk to automatically link the call recordings to our contacts. If you want to do business right, add Aircall to your technology stack."

4.6 -


"Aircall is very user-friendly and easy to deploy. The dashboard is very streamlined, and it's easy to set up additional features like IVR."

4.3 - Capterra

"Having all the information in a single platform, Salesforce, allows us to monitor the activity of our agents, to have visibility over the sales cycle, and therefore to identify which levers can be used to improve our processes and motivate our teams."

Ambroise Prieur, SumUp
Contact Centre Adminstrator

"We improved our performance and raised our KPIs when we decided to start tracking the activities of our salespeople, supporting them through the dashboard and creating tailored coaching for them. This helped us also to increase conversion rates by 10-15% on average."

Safiya Cherifi, Too Good To Go
Global Inbound Manager

"With Aircall, we can track everything through advanced dashboards. Things like, how many calls sales reps made this month versus last month and when the busiest hours are. These are precisely the data points that physical phones don’t give you, and these are critical performance metrics for us."

Genesis Garcia, Plecto
Partner Manager

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