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Aircall vs. Five9

If you're looking to switch your VoIP phone system to a Five9 competitor, here are the reasons you should choose us...

Aircall Five9
IVR checkmarkcheckmark
Power Dialer checkmarkcheckmark
Open API & webhooks checkmarkcheckmark
Free one-on-one onboarding checkmarkcheckmark
Collaborative features like call commenting & assigning and shared inbox checkmarkcheckmark

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Aircall vs. Five9: Which Phone System Is Best for Your Business?

  • How to choose the best phone system for your business?

    Finding the best phone system for your business can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. In this page, we’ll compare Aircall with Five9. VoIP phone services for business are the perfect way to foster unified business communications, including calls, texts, email, or chat.

    As you start looking for phone system solutions for your business, make sure the service you select serves your needs. The best VoIP systems integrate with other business applications and offer versatility and flexibility.

    The needs of each business are different and vary from each other. Before you choose your VoIP solution provider, here are a few things to look for:

    - The versatility of VoIP services. Can you easily and quickly integrate your VoIP phone systems with other apps and software like CRM, help desk, payment, and billing? Do you have the features to manage your business calls hitch-free? Does the VoIP solution have collaboration tools and a provision of custom mobile apps?

    - Unified communications (UCaaS). The cloud-hosted VoIP solution should also be capable of providing unified communications as a service. UCaaS implies integrating your business calls with other functionalities like chat, email, voicemail, video, and voice. And you should be able to do all these within one app.

    - Security and support. Security is top of mind for any cloud-based service and app connected to your business. There has to be a guarantee for the security of your business communications. Always go for services that offer ongoing support, end-to-end encryption, multifactor authentication, and biometrics. While there are many hosted VoIP solution providers out there, only a few of these put much premium on their security stack.

    We’ll break down the services of Aircall and Five9 and explore Aircall as a Five9 alternative. We’ll review key features, similarities, differences, and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision for your business.

  • What are Five9’s key features?

    Five9’s software offers multi-tenant contact center services for businesses looking to bring their call centers remote. Five9’s virtual contact center provides inbound, outbound, and multichannel support. Five9 is built on a secure and scalable cloud platform, which makes it easy to work with remote teams and serve customers in different time zones across the globe.

    In general, Five9 brings the following benefits to businesses:
    - Provides business intelligence on scripts, ACD queues, call logs, campaign activity, customer feedback, etc.
    - Shortens startup and integration timelines
    - Provides access to features and functions
    - Integrates with 40+ applications and is customizable
    - In-house IT teams don’t need to spend energy on maintenance
    - Highly secure thanks to cloud storage

    Key features include:
    - ACD (automatic call distributor)
    - Campaign and list management and agent scripting
    - Chat, CTI, and pop-ups
    - Cloud APIs, CRM integrations, and email customer care
    - IVR and multichannel support
    - Over 100 standard reports
    - Local/toll-free number options and mobile customer care
    - Power, preview, progressive, and predictive dialer
    - Quality monitoring
    - Queue callback and skills-based routing
    - Real-time reporting
    - Social customer care
    - TCPA compliance
    - Speech recognition and text-to-speech
    - Web callback
    - UC Integrations with Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho CRM, NetSuite, Oracle Service Cloud, SugarCRM, Zendesk, Salesforce, and Custom CRM Solutions
    - Workforce management

  • What are the similarities between Five9 and Aircall?

    There are a few similarities between Five9’s software and Aircall. Here’s a broad overview:
    - Features. They both offer call center phone system features, with Aircall offering a wider, more comprehensive variety.
    - Deployment & support. They’re both SaaS, cloud-based software. They both work on desktop and offer email/help desk features, support iOS, provide users with FAQs and forums, have knowledge bases, phone support, and chat functionality.
    - Training. They both offer some degree of training to use their software.
    - Pricing. Both are subscription-based services that charge per user.

  • Which phone software company is the best for your business?

    We hope this overview has given you the information you need to decide which phone software company is best for your business. While both software companies offer similar features, Aircall offers potential customers more versatile VoIP services with more integrations, better support, and lower pricing options. In addition, the company is larger than Five9 and has more customers.

    The benefits of using Aircall are numerous. If you run a small, medium-size, or enterprise business and stand to benefit from a cost-effective call management solution, Aircall’s cloud-based VoIP service may be right for you.

    Aircall unifies business communications and integrates with 100+ business applications to offer unprecedented versatility and flexibility. If you’re looking for data insights into your business via analytics capabilities and would enjoy market-leading enterprise infrastructure, consistent 99.99% uptime via distributed data centers (seven worldwide), clear in-app notifications, and dedicated onboarding managers with easy integration, Aircall may be the right choice for you.

    If you’re not interested in a free trial and are comfortable with a starting price 3x higher than Aircall’s monthly price per user ($30 per month/per user), Five9 may be worth considering for your business.

    Five9 software has a lot in common with Aircall in that it's suited for businesses of any size looking to go remote and streamline their call centers. Five9 offers half the amount of integrations that Aircall provides. It doesn’t offer integrations with Google Drive, MailChimp, or HubSpot CRM. Businesses that are using these applications may find it difficult to transfer their method of work to new integrations when transitioning to Five9. Despite these differences, Five9 software provides reliable contact or call center functions and can benefit businesses looking to streamline their contact center efficiencies.

  • What is Five9?

    Five9 is a multi-tenant cloud contact center service or contact center as a service (CCaaS). Five9 manages business’ omnichannel customer interactions including voice, SMS, chat, email, social, video, and more.

    Five9’s services are delivered via the web. This includes voice connections between customers and agents in addition to all the interfaces for controlling call centers for admins, supervisors, and agents. Five9 software is a virtual system, so all agents require to get started is a stable internet connection.

    Five9’s cloud contact center system streamlines operations for a fully remote workforce and eliminates the need for businesses to get distracted with managing or monitoring their contact centers. Five9 claims to reduce service costs up to 90%, lower agent handling time by 15%, and reduce the number of incoming calls to live agents up to 68%

  • What are Aircall’s key features

    Aircall is a Five9 competitor in that it offers call center support in addition to even more comprehensive features. In general, Aircall brings countless benefits to businesses of all sizes:

    - Accessibility. Your teams can talk anywhere with an internet connection. With more businesses boasting remote workers and/or work-from-home policies, the flexibility of VoIP has become vital to teams around the globe.
    - Affordability. VoIP slashes phone-related costs for the average business by 40% to 80%. These are cost savings that can be used to grow your business, rather than pay for outdated technology.
    - Scalability. VoIP lets you capitalize on your opportunities to grow, rather than waiting on new phone purchases and landline installations.
    - Simplicity. The ease of use that comes with a VoIP system stems from modern software and user-friendly interfaces. Managers can focus on growing their teams rather than fielding troubleshooting questions from confused employees.

    For businesses looking to operate a classic virtual phone system, it offers:

    - Business hours, voicemail, and call routing.
    - Interactive voice response (IVR)
    - Extensions and blocklist numbers
    - Shared contacts
    - Warm transfer
    - Shared call inbox
    - Call commenting & assignment

    For businesses looking to operate a call center, Aircall offers features that improve productivity and analytics capabilities:

    - Real-time modifications and call queuing
    - Ring groups and parallel calls
    - Unlimited concurrent calls and queue callback
    - Time-based routing
    - Call recording and pause-resume recording
    - Call center analytic
    - Live feed
    - Call monitoring and call whispering

  • What are the main differences between Five9 and Aircall?

    There are a few differences between Five9 and Aircall. Here’s a broad overview:

    - Features. Aircall offers a wider variety of features.
    - Deployment & support. Five9 isn’t available on Android (Aircall is) and does not have an app. Aircall does. Five9 doesn’t support Windows desktop and offers 49 integrations. Aircall offers 100+ integrations. Five9 doesn’t have FAQs/forums, while Aircall does.
    - Training. Aircall offers more support than Five9 via in-person or live online training, videos, and guides. Five9 offers documentation and webinars.
    - Pricing. Five9 charges $100 per month/per feature. Aircall starts at $30/per month per user. Five9 does not offer a free trial, while Aircall does.

    See this comparison or this comparison on these independent sites for more information. Review customer testimonials for more insights into how businesses work with Five9 and Aircall.

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