SnapCall + Aircall: Strengthening the Customer Connection Through Voice

SnapCall + Aircall: Strengthening the Customer Connection Through Voice

As human beings, we’re naturally wired to connect with each other. The inflections in your vocal tone have a huge bearing on another person's emotional state, and that’s why voice communication is such a powerful way to connect with consumers.

Customer support representatives are on a mission to strengthen the customer connection by improving the customer experience. From the first contact to the close of the sale, sales representatives have a similar goal of keeping customers connected.

SnapCall appreciates the importance of creating opportunities for companies to build and maintain a strong, meaningful connection with customers. A company that’s young, motivated, and diverse, SnapCall has raised 1 million seed investment from ISAI, a French tech fund for entrepreneurs for early-stage startups.

The group at SnapCall shares the same strong mission as Aircall—to make the voice channel a really big thing. The two software programs complement each other like salt and pepper.

With a passion for innovation and a mindset of putting the customer first, the partners are strongly aligned at the core.

“We saw this from the first interaction with your team.” - Arnaud Pigueller, CEO, SnapCall

SnapCall enhances Aircall’s software and vice versa. The companies share the common goals of improving conversion and retention rates, as well as improving the customer experience. Together, they’re disrupting the traditional way to do phone sales and support.

“We believe that one of the most valuable aspects of our partnership with Aircall is that both of our companies have the desire to continue to disrupt the traditional way of using the voice channel and constantly innovate…” - Arnaud Pigueller, CEO, SnapCall

The techies at SnapCall believe that the voice channel is a highly underrated pathway that has powerful potential to increase efficiency. They recognized Aircall as one of the leaders in cloud-based telephony that provides an innovative call center and phone system solution to a huge number of businesses.

Connecting Online Customers Through Smart Voice Technology

Aircall is a cloud-based phone system embedded in a CRM program. SnapCall is a voice software solution that can be embedded on any website or mobile app anywhere in the world. It connects to any customer service or CRM platform in a snap. No physical presence in a particular location? No problem!

SnapCall creates a seamless path for customers between websites and the phone with a simple online call button. As each call connects, it’s augmented with customer data and gives sales and support representatives instant access to account information before they have a chance to say, “Hello”.

Customers visit websites because they’re ready to buy. With a digital call button embedded directly onto a website, it eliminates the need for customers to look up a phone number, and they won’t be hesitant to make a call because of the worry over long-distance charges. Companies get customers when they’re hot, and that translates to an immediate return on investment.

With SnapCall, businesses can choose which customers can call them, and they can set which web pages customers can view the digital call button. This makes it easy for businesses to segment loyal customers and reward them with easy access to support. Customer support representatives get the customer’s location, contact information, the URL of the page they called from, and a call recording for greater insight into the call.

Businesses get charged by the number of calls regardless of location or duration, which equates to greater savings.

An Effortless Collaboration

Developers from both companies worked on defining a good use case and decided to connect an Aircall number to a SnapCall button so customers could take advantage of both technologies. A SnapCall developer worked on the integration for two days and the integration was formally launched within a week.

B2B customers can easily install the integration and start using it to provide a better voice experience for their customers right away. Existing Aircall customers merely have to create a free account on SnapCall to create a call button and connect it to an Aircall phone number. Companies can then embed the call button under their website or mobile application. Voila! Customers can launch a call directly with just one click.

“It’s been great working with the Aircall team as all the Aircall API documentation was really clear and well-formatted. If we came upon any blocks, we quickly found a workaround together.” - Arnaud Pigueller, CEO, SnapCall

Who Is Snapcall’s Customer?

One of the things that makes SnapCall so awesome is that companies can dedicate a call button on the sales page that goes directly to the sales team, and place another call button on another page that goes directly to the support or marketing team. It's sort of the online version of an IVR.

The first customer to benefit from the Aircall and SnapCall partnership is PremiumPlus, a premium Zendesk and Aircall partner who had this to say:

“We use it for sales, so when customers want to call us, instead of searching for our number, they just click on the button on our website and it goes directly to our sales number in Aircall. When a customer is on a certain page, we want him to make a contact when he wants to do it in his digital journey on our website, because he’s interested to learn more. Now, when we finally have SnapCall and Aircall integration, it works great. Our prospects or customers can instantly reach the agents online and that’s crucial.”

The prime candidates for SnapCall are customers that want to build a sales or support call center or those who want to improve the efficiency of their existing sales and support functions. SnapCall also benefits international companies that believe voice is a key communication channel. Key industries are eCommerce (i.e. Shopify), FinTech, tourism, and mobility. The segmentation feature allows teams to start small and grow over time.

Looking Toward the Future

The next steps are for both teams to work together on the communication for this integration so that customers can benefit from the features of both companies. Teams from both companies are working together to better understand the segments of businesses that could benefit the most from this integration. The teams are also tracking data on customer ratings and call volume with the goal of demonstrating how companies can be the most successful when they use SnapCall and Aircall together.

The values and goals of both companies are strongly aligned, and this partnership is a great opportunity for both companies to learn from each other about technological innovation and growth.

“Biggest thanks to everyone at Aircall who has somehow contributed to the integration building process and continuous partnership. It’s a pleasure to work with you and SnapCall team is certain this partnership will bring great value to both companies as well as our customers.” - Arnaud Pigueller, CEO, SnapCall