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Aircall integrates with Zendesk for you to better interact with your customers.

Connect in one click your Aircall account to Zendesk. Link Aircall to Zendesk directly from your dashboard or find us on the Zendesk app marketplace. You can then instantly make, receive and synchronize your calls with Zendesk.

With the Aircall Zendesk app, you're able to use all Aircall’s features directly from the Zendesk console.

As a call comes in, the app will pop up in Zendesk and displays the name of the client calling you. You can make your phone calls directly from your Zendesk console.

For each call, a ticket is automatically created in Zendesk and assigned to the right agent. All the call information is logged in: number, date/time, duration, recording, etc. Also, if you receive a voicemail, a link to the recording will be attached to the ticket.

Basically, Zendesk works as a directory and Aircall as your phone.

Discover how to set up your Aircall - Zendesk integration here!

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