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Ender Turing AI speech analytics transforms your customer service from a cost center to a profit center. Boost your Customer & Employee experience by integrating Aircall with the fastest-to-value AI Speech Analytics platform.

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Ender Turing

Ender Turing helps medium and large companies to transform customer service from a cost center to a profit center. The fastest-to-value AI speech analytics integrates with Aircall to provide deep analytics on customer touchpoints in a customer journey.

Speed up Quality Management processes ten times and increase conversion rates, improve NPS and cut costs on employee training.

App overview

Integrate Aircall with Ender Turing AI speech analytics to boost your Customer & Employee Experience.

Ender Turing solution provides meaningful insights from 100% of interactions with customers in Contact Centers. 

The platform automatically analyses calls, live chats and emails in 24 languages.

Key benefits

  • Review  100% of conversations 

Ender Turing’s speech-to-text engine converts 100% of calls into text and analyzes calls, chats, and emails in real-time. Find out true causes of customer issues with automated analysis.

  • Immediate scoring of conversations and direct feedback to agents 

With automated pre-built scorecards, it takes minimum time for the supervisor or team leader to score the agent’s work and give necessary feedback.

  • Individual agent’s dashboard for self-training and developing essential  skills

Supervisors create favorite playlists of conversations made by top performers for agents.
Agents track their performance with visual dashboards and learn by listening to the best-in-class conversations and reading the knowledge base. 

  • Tags and triggered notifications  for fast and accurate issue-solving

Using the flexible system of tags and triggers, managers immediately react to every incoming issue, complaint, or problem in the contact center.


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