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In only a few years, Glovo has become one of the world’s leading on-demand delivery platforms. The Barcelona-based unicorn was founded in 2015 and today offers delivery services in more than twenty countries around the world across both iOS and Android.

Glovo’s quick rise to success is due above all to its quality customer service, which is supported by powerful and flexible technologies. Ensuring that its platforms and customer service tools are available and working correctly is one of the main tasks overseen by Ludovic Magnier, the Global Customer Service Tools Manager at Glovo.

“We are active 24/7 and our 3,000 agents manage more than a million contacts per week. Platform availability is absolutely critical for our operations.”

Glovo relies on cloud-based architecture for its suite of customer support tools in order to respond with maximal flexibility to changes in demand:

“The challenge is to be able to handle peaks in activity and extend our geographic coverage very quickly and easily. This is why all of our tools and platforms are in the cloud.”

“For our customer support tools, we use the CRM solution Kustomer, which includes native management of the chat channel and can be integrated with email, text messaging, social networks (Twitter and Facebook) and WhatsApp.”

Cloud telephony reliability and service quality

To accommodate the rapid growth in its customer support needs, Glovo sought a telephony solution with reliable service quality and an administrator interface that would enable more flexible management.

“Before Aircall, platform administration was generally handled by the supplier, which could create delays for certain configurations. What's more, the platform was hosted at a single site in Spain, which often caused performance and service quality issues.”

Switching the telephony infrastructure over to a fully cloud-based solution posed a significant challenge for business continuity, but the speed with which Glovo’s teams adopted Aircall’s solution allowed them to make the transition without any hitches:

“It’s always tricky to replace a key business solution that hundreds of users interact with daily. It's difficult to evaluate how this type of solution will perform at peak call volumes before actually implementing it. We got good feedback from users after our first tests and the call quality was satisfactory for all of our agents.”

One of the main performance indicators for Ludovic Magnier’s team is the availability rate for tools and platforms. Since each incident and outage has a direct impact on business and on customer satisfaction, tool reliability is essential for operations to run smoothly.

“Aircall’s reliability, easy installation, simple administration and many possibilities for configuration and integration motivated us to choose this telephony solution.”

Team autonomy and efficiency

With Aircall, Glovo teams gain more autonomy because some adjustments no longer require technical assistance.

“The ability to give managers and supervisors access to certain features like tag configuration, team configuration or the rules for distributing calls improves efficiency and our teams’ adoption of the tool.”

The time saved translates to better performance, due to a significant decrease in the number of incident tickets and employee requests for configuration. It also results in faster issue resolution and better average processing time, which leads to higher client satisfaction.

“The number of incident tickets has been reduced dramatically. Our supervising teams have gained more autonomy in the configuration of the platform. And after a relatively short period of adaptation, users report high overall satisfaction with the new tool.”

“The user interface and easy implementation, as well as the availability and involvement of our contacts at Aircall, were the main reasons for our interest in this solution.”

APIs and business process optimization

Improving agents’ productivity and optimizing the customer flow are central concerns for the Global Customer Service Tools Manager, who works closely with the operations and products teams to identify opportunities to improve the existing tools and configurations.

“Thanks to Aircall’s API, we were able to set up several integrations that automate a number of business processes, which boosted our productivity.”

Voice: a strategic lever in customer relations

Although telephony seemed “ill-adapted, complicated and expensive” to Glovo teams at first, using Aircall is opening up a world of new, innovative ideas that give voice a prominent position in customer interactions.

“We are currently testing several scenarios for optimizing and automating customer contact using voice, based on Aircall's APIs, and the first results are very encouraging. It's probable that voice features will play a bigger role in Glovo’s customer support in the future. The telephone isn't dead yet!”

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