QueryBoost integration

QueryBoost unifies all your SaaS services into a single GraphQL API.

Click and build queries.

  • Click and build queries.
  • Get only the data you need.
  • Speed up your development with mock data.


QueryBoost unifies all your services into a single GraphQL API, giving you one place to get the exact data you need.

Aircall + QueryBoost

QueryBoost provides a single gateway to access your SAAS tools. Learn to use one API instead of multiple different tools.

Key Benefits

Unified API

Specify the exact data fields you need and make one query. Even across different services.

Click and build queries

With the QueryBoost Sandbox you can click and build queries in seconds.

Fast Prototyping

Building workflow automations or dashboards is difficult when you don't have data to work with yet. QueryBoost speeds up your development by providing realistic mock data.

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