Meta API

Meta API integration

Meta API is a SaaS platform that allows to create, execute and monitor integrations and automations using source code in a serverless environment.


Meta API is where integration becomes an extension of your team, enabling you to consistently deliver innovation with speed and agility.

META API + Aircall: key benefits

If you want to operate with speed and innovation, you need a modern integration platform that can keep up. Our API-led approach accelerates your Aircall projects with the power of API-led connectivity.

Public and private API catalog

you can build any workflows connecting Aircall with our public APIs and/or your private API that you can import in less than 5 minutes

VS Code Editor - the power of code is limitless.

VS Code built right inside your browser with an enhanced auto-completion system linked directly to your connectors.

One-click serverless deployment

version your code and deploy it as a serverless function in a few seconds. This new API can be used anywhere.

Maintenance and monitoring

You have access to the log details and timing stats. If anything breaks, you will be notified, and debugging will be quick and easy"