Where Will Humans Fit in the Future of Customer Service? [Event]

Greg Smoragiewicz

It’s a tough time to be reading news headlines if you happen to be a human working in customer service:

But once you dig a little deeper and start asking questions, you start to see that this bleak forecast isn’t necessarily settled science.

Won’t automating menial tasks actually give humans more time for meaningful work?

Who will be designing and building those self-service systems if not humans?

What about the entirely new categories of jobs that tech disruption can create?

All we can say for sure is that it would be wise for anyone working in customer service to learn more about the potential futures of their profession.

And at Dreamforce 2018, we’re doing our part by bringing together three in-the-field experts to focus on one big question: Where Will Humans Fit in the Future of Customer Service?

On Wednesday, September 26th, Aircall VP of Marketing Jeff Reekers will moderate a panel discussion with:

Join us to hear first hand how these industry leaders are thinking about recruiting, training, and managing the customer service professionals of the future!

(P.S. Can’t attend that session? You can still see us at Booth #236 all through the week.)

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