How Sortlist Benefits from Aircall's Integration with Intercom

One of the Aircall-Intercom integration user is Belgium-based Sortlist, a B2B marketplace platform. The startup aims to help companies find their ‘soulmate agency’. Sortlist does not just give you a list of agencies – that would be too easy.

In fact, the service is based on a smart match making between big companies and creative agencies. Yamaha Motors or Tupperware for instance count among their clients.

Created 2 years ago, the startup benefited from an exponential growth. More than 5500 projects were created via the platform, partnered up with 60000 agencies worldwide, and generated an average $35000 budget spent per project. Moreover the partner agencies cash in an average of $5M on a monthly basis thanks to Sortlist. No wonder the startup has grown so rapidly!

Aircall-Intercom integration Sortlist use-case

We had a chat with Andrea Balducci, Head of Business Development at Sortlist. The goal is to find out more about their use of Aircall’s integration with Intercom and in what respect it proves valuable for their match-making service, and how other types of businesses can make good use of it as well.

What is the role of the telephone for Sortlist?

A very important one. Traditionally, in the creative industry the average agency guy loves talking on the phone. Just picture Don Draper and here you have it! Sortlist has a very specific use of the phone channel both inbound and outbound. For instance, the team consistently calls every lead that subscribes on the platform in order to qualify them and collect information.

This is a mandatory step down the funnel in order to build trust and have a qualified exchange with leads before they become clients. The team can thus filter through business proposals and make sure to keep the more serious and valuable ones.

Before using Aircall’s business phone software, Sortlist’s staff used the good old phone in the office and a mobile phone when traveling. This solution rapidly became obsolete. Passing the telephone from one teammate to another just wasn’t productive! They quickly opted for a cloud-based VoIP solution that could easily be installed, set up and scaled.

Aircall proved to be the perfect fit – the team could use their PC to see, make and answer directly from, redirect and assign a call to the right person as well as benefit from the call cascading feature. The CSV upload of contacts proved to be equally important, as well as the API that allows creating users on Intercom, to name just a few of the most advantageous features.

At Sortlist, the bussiness development team is entirely on Aircall, doing mainly outbound calls and qualifying leads. The team calls people within 5 min of their sign-up making sure to leverage momentum, before leads pass onto something else.

Similarly, inbound-wise, Sortlist relies heavily on Aircall for support. Lots of people call daily for information on Sortlist services.

The Aircall-Intercom integration use-case

sortlist use of the aircall-intercom integration

For Sortlist’s team the integration is simple to set-up yet provides real value on a daily basis.

“We use Intercom a lot, we do everything with Intercom – support, email automation, customer management” says Andrea

The startup uses the API to create a contact on Aircall as soon as a lead comes in Intercom. The lead is consistently called by a team member and the information is automatically updated on Intercom, as soon as the call ends. This way, Sortlist is sure to track all its interactions with clients, be it interactions over email, phone or chat.

Thanks to Intercom’s integration with Aircall, the marketplace has everything centralized, no matter the interaction. This is crucial and a real plus bussiness-wise.

As Andrea states:

“We know every interaction a client has with our team, be it on email, phone or chat. Having all the communications available within easy reach provides an increase in productivity for us. Not to mention all the information collected – now that we know our clients better, we can better cater to their needs”

The possibility to register calls is also a huge plus for the business – it gives the team a lot of insight into customer expectations.

Likewise, the marketplace can effectively train their staff to better answer calls with leads and clients, for instance. Overall, it is a good opportunity to learn and improve Sortlist’s service as the company develops.

Over to you. Do you want to learn more about the Aircall-Intercom integration?

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